Recapping Every 'Twilight' Sequel, Reboot And Spin-Off Rumor

The saga continues.

As "Twilight" fans no doubt know, it's been a long, anxious wait to find out if we would ever return to Stephenie Meyer's world of vampires, werewolves and the love triangles in between.

And now that we know all about the Facebook mini-movies that will debut next year, let's take a look back at all the rumors that surfaced about the saga continuing beyond "Breaking Dawn."

August 28, 2008: Stephenie Meyer Abandons Edward-Centric "Midnight Sun" After A Partial Draft Leaks

Twelve chapters from a novel retelling the events of "Twilight" from Edward's perspective were posted without Meyer's permission, which upset her so much she shelved the project indefinitely. "If I tried to write 'Midnight Sun' now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die," she wrote on her blog. (You can read the leaked chapters here.)

July 2012: Kristen Stewart Is "Open To The Idea" Of More Bella

At San Diego Comic-Con, Stewart said that she was satisfied that Edward and Bella got a real ending, but that she'd be curious to see if Meyer had more story to tell. Meyer later expanded on Stewart's comment, saying, yes, Bella's story is final, but that she created Renesmee as a possible point of re-entry into the world, perhaps in "20 years."

June 17, 2012: Remake Rumors Surface

A few months before "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" effectively ended the movie series, Bloody Disgusting reported that another film was already in the works, with the most likely outcome being a remake. Summit responded saying, "We are not remaking 'Twilight.' We will happily support Stephenie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change."

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August 16, 2012: Robert Pattinson Says He's Too Old For More "Twilight

During an MTV First, the actor who played Edward Cullen aged himself out of further movies, saying, "The idea of if I had to do a sequel now, it would be like, 'I'm not 17 anymore.'"

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October 17, 2012: The Wolf Pack Reportedly Eyed For Spin-Off Or TV Series

The rumors of a remake certainly caused equal amounts of intrigue and skepticism, so Moviehole, citing its own sources, corroborated the Bloody Disgusting report and suggested that a spin-off or TV series, possibly focusing on the wolf pack, was most likely.

November 20, 2012: Meyer Reveals She's Planned Out "A Couple More Books"

Speaking with Marie Claire UK at the premiere of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," the author said, "There are other characters who I think would have a lot of voice in those coming stories."

August 13, 2013: Meyer Declares Herself "So Over" The Series

Speaking with Variety, the author said that a return to the characters would be unlikely, explaining "For me, it's not a happy place to be."

September 29, 2014: New Short Films Announced

Meyer and Lions Gate announced that they are teaming up for create five mini-movies based on "Twilight" characters and directed by female filmmakers. The shorts will debut exclusively on Facebook in 2015.

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