5 Burning Questions For The New 'Twilight' Movies

Here's what we need to see in these new movies.

We've had nearly a full day to process the fact that there are going to be more "Twilight" movies, and man, what a day it's been. We've freaked out and tweeted about every single one of the feels we've felt, and recalled all the false starts for sequels and reboots in the past few years, and now we've finally arrived here.

Now that we've calmed down a bit, we have a few questions. Now that the stage is set for five new mini-movies to continue the saga, we have a few requests.

1. What happened to Edward and Bella?

Did our favorite vamp duo life happily ever (and ever and ever and ever) after? When we left off, Bella was vampified and a tentative peace brokered in the immortal world. Are Edward and Bella still hanging out being all in love and telepathic? We'd like to at least get a hint of what the newest Cullen is up to.

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2. Will there be a new love triangle?

The geometry of Bella/Edward/Jacob will go down in history, but will subsequent installments introduce a new triangle with new twists? No points will be awarded if loose ends are tied up by one character becoming another character member's kid's soulmate. That only works once.

3. Will we learn more about the mythology of the original characters?

We're still missing background for a of the characters we've come to know and love. For example, Alice. We know she was put in an asylum, but how did she become a vamp? She woke up from the transformation not remembering anything. Could this be one of the short films? Say yes!

4. What happened to Jane?

Come on, the most powerful vampire ever doesn't simply walk out of the series forever, does she? We're rooting for a follow-up visit with the tiniest bloodsucker in the new movies.

5. Does Renesmee still answer to Nessie?

We left Renesmee as a wee little half-vamp, and it seems like we have a good chance of seeing her future with Jacob in the new films. While we know they're imprintastic soulmates, we've gotta know: is he still calling her Nessie? Any new nicknames?

Twihards, what do you want to see from the new short films? Let us know in the comments!