Either The Chainsmokers Got Hacked Or They Forgot That Twitter Is Public

PSA: Everyone can see you when you (maybe) insult your friends online

The Chainsmokers seem to have gotten themselves into some hot water.

After their prominent collaborator Halsey expressed her admiration for Lady Gaga's new music, Drew Taggart reportedly fired back with some nasty words.

"Fuck you bald bitch," Taggart appears to have tweeted at Halsey.

The offending tweet was deleted almost instantly, and Taggart claimed that screenshots of it were fake. But one of his followers was still able to access the link to the tweet after its deletion, seemingly proving that it had, at one point, existed.

Taggart then claimed that his account had been hacked. "I would NEVER tweet anything like that to one of my friends," he wrote.

The Chainsmokers' feud with Gaga started with a Rolling Stone interview in which Taggart's bandmate Alex Pall trashed Gaga's single "Perfect Illusion," saying, "It sucks."

When Gaga's dropped new song "A-YO" on Tuesday (October 18), she tweeted at The Chainsmokers asking if they liked it any better. The Chainsmokers tweeted back with a show of respect — a sentiment they apparently didn't reserve for their friend and collaborator Halsey.

Is the sight of two women tweeting supportively at each other really enough to send The Chainsmokers into a fit of rage? Or was Taggart's Twitter account hacked just long enough to send out a single angry tweet? The world may never know.

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