'Teen Wolf' Angst: Why We're Majorly Worried About Stiles & Lydia

If something ever happened to them, it'd be our worst nightmare come true.

We admit it — we're like a concerned parent when it comes to the safety of Scott and his pack. (That's why we spent five days in bed when we were faced with Allison's death.) But more than ever, this season of "Teen Wolf" has us majorly worried about Stiles and Lydia.

Series creator Jeff Davis said it himself: "It's not going to be an easy season for Scott and his friends... I can say there's plenty of death in 'Teen Wolf' — plenty of bodies drop this season in horrifying ways. This is certainly a season of dread." WTF DOES THAT MEAN? Monday's episode left us with a massive cliffhanger — Stiles got attacked by one of the Dread Doctors' makeshift supernaturals, this time in the form of a wendigo who is seeking revenge on Sheriff Stilinski. (In case you've forgotten, wendigos feast on human flesh.)


Surely Stiles is going to be okay, seeing as he's in the newly released Season 5 trailer (WHEW!), but boy, that shoulder bite has gotta hurt. And let's not forget that horrifying Stiles flashback à la Lydia:


It could be a dream, but that's doubtful if we're going from "Teen Wolf" experience. And while we don't know why Lydia has landed in Eichen House, we do know it's for real. Davis added, "The events that have landed her in Eichen House are going to remain a mystery for a while. One thing I can say about that scene is, it's not in her head."


So if the straitjacket and proverbial padded room isn't in her head, then chances are that the Stiles catastrophe isn't fake, either. But what about the visions of the Dreads she had in the hospital post-Kanima attack? Were those real, too?

Time will tell, but until then, we just hope Stiles and Lydia don't go the Allison route. Got any words of comfort for us? Offer them below, and catch an all-new episode this Monday at 10/9c.

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