What Is Theo's Twisted Relationship With The 'Teen Wolf' Dread Doctors?

And, just as importantly, is Stiles' life now in danger?

If something awful happens to our beloved Stiles, the new kid in town is gonna get it from a slew of angry "Teen Wolf" fans.

Tonight's all-new episode of the hit series ended with Donovan, the criminal-turned-cannibal, taking a nasty bite out of the super sleuth's shoulder. (Maybe this will teach Stiles to actually take his Jeep into a repair shop for a change, rather than duct-taping the engine every time it breaks down? Bad joke.)

But we can't entirely blame Donovan -- he'd been captured by the horrendous Dread Doctors, who then yanked out his teeth one by one in order to make room for wendigo fangs. (Yep, he's a wendigo now.) After D's cringeworthy dental procedure, Theo (yes, that Theo) appeared out of the shadows, giving us a wee bit more intel into the Dreads' sinister plan: "You're lucky they're allowing me to talk to you. They don't usually do that. You see, these guys, they believe in numbers and results. They weigh the pros and cons and will decide pretty quickly whether or not you die."

Theo then went on to convince Donovan that he's in a better place with the ultimate supernatural trifecta: power, strength and heightened senses. But rather than tell the new wendigo to go after his longtime nemesis Sheriff Stilinski, Theo planted a different seed. "Real pain is emotional pain -- that is the kind of pain that lasts," he said. "If you want to cause Stilinski that devastating, soul-crushing pain, go after someone he loves."

Aaaand cue our worst nightmare — an attack on Scott's bestie.

Now, yet another question arises: What is Theo's connection to the Dread Doctors? Is he their primary link to the True Alpha's pack? Could he be an evil M.D. himself? Post your theories in the comments, and join the rest of us in counting down the days to next week's episode, Monday at 10/9c.