New 'Teen Wolf' Trailer: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Beacon Hills


Everything we thought we knew about "Teen Wolf" is a sham. Okay, not everything... but Kira may not be as sweet as she seems, judging by a newly released "Teen Wolf" trailer. Let's just cut to the chase: COULD THIS BE THE DEATH OF SCIRA? Oh, and there's a bunch of other stuff going down in Beacon Hills as well.

In the below clip, revealed today during the "TW" panel at Comic-Con, it appears that Liam's childhood nemesis Hayden finds herself in trouble with the dreadful MDs — and then all hell breaks loose. (And we thought it already had, HA. Joke's on us.)

Finally, we're given a bit more intel into the Dread Doctors and their evil plan: It seems the mad medical personnel isn't exactly new to the spooky town, and they're more sinister than we even imagined.

And as it typically goes with the popular series, the more information we're given, the more questions arise. Is the dastardly Theo in cahoots with the Dreads, or does he have something else in mind? Has Kira been against Scott all this time, or does something happen to turn her bad, a la dark Stiles in Nogitsune form? And once and for all, what's the deal with Parrish?

Give the new Season 5 trailer a watch, comment with your theories and keep watching "TW" every Monday at 10/9c! Oh and MORE GOOD NEWS: "Teen Wolf" is coming back for Season 6!