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Chance The Rapper Will Prank Celebs And Explode Things As New Punk'd Host

The iconic show returns soon via the Quibi platform

Chance the Rapper is only 26, but he's already led so many lives. He's won three Grammys. He's gotten married and had two kids. He's been a werewolf in a movie. But in April, he'll put on yet another hat (in addition to his trademark 3 cap) — Chance will host the iconic prank show Punk'd when it returns via MTV Studios, only available on Quibi's mobile video platform.

"Punk'd is one of MTV's most iconic franchises," Chance said in a statement. "I grew up watching this show and it's surreal to be in the driver's seat this time around on Quibi."

"No one is safe," he added on social media, in all caps.

Chance's Punk'd is set to continue on in the mischievous spirit of the Ashton Kutcher-led original, with the rapper at the helm for more hoaxes played on a whole new class of celebs to be revealed later on — and it's all captured on hidden cameras. One early teaser shows Megan Thee Stallion having a particularly harrowing run-in with a gorilla. As the clip he teased on social media reveals — full of explosions, controlled car wrecks, and so much glee — that's just the beginning.

Punk'd launched in 2003, guided by Kutcher's devilish masterminding, as a platform to play practical jokes on unsuspecting A-list celebrities by putting them in hilarious and often over-the-top scenarios. In its earliest episode, as one of its most famous gags, Kutcher hires a crew — led by Dax Shepherd — to pretend to be government agents repossessing Justin Timberlake's valuables (including his dogs).

According to a press release, Quibi (short for "quick bite") is "the first entertainment platform designed specifically for your phone." Quibi is set to feature original content from Hollywood stars, all designed for mobile viewing, with new episodes delivered in 10 minutes or less. It launches on April 6.

Get excited by Chance's new Punk'd teaser above.