Solange's Dancing Melts The Webcam In Steamy 'Binz' Video

The singer's hips don't lie

Solange is fresh out of surgery for removing her foot from our necks following the release of her new album, When I Get Home, and has shared a video of sorts for "Binz," one of the album's standout tracks. Although it's only a minute, the clip shows off a wondrous amount of the singer's easygoing personality. And she can dance her ass, off – that's what we're really here to see.

Yes, this video is about dancing. But it isn't an expensive, in-studio performance with bright lights, big set pieces, and coordinated routines. Solange keeps it intimate, sexy, and, mysterious, all while an all-knowing smile never leaves her face. It's from the perspective of a webcam that we see the singer set up at the beginning. Once the track's percussive backbone began chittering away and the heavenly vocals began to play, she's off.

Solange's enticing figure never leaves the frame. Like a plume of smoke, she twirls and swirls in the wind, her body rolling side to side. It's a collage of brief clips that also show off her many smiling moods; sometimes she's wide-eyed grinning as she dances with her palms on her knees while gyrating her hips. Other times it's a slight smirk while she twirls in a circle, showing off her figure. Other times, it's not a smile at all; she's lip-singing the song's lyrics and bouncing her thighs. This filterless lens, combined with the percussive wonderland that is "Binz," creates a surreal experience, one where it feels like Solange is serenading us as she wafts in the winds. It's OK to need to take a breather once the video ends.

When I Get Home came out on March 1, followed hours later by a "Texas Film" companion to supplement the new body of work. The LP's release was a pleasant surprise following a brief and mysterious rollout with a unique Black Planet page at its center.

Watch the simple, absorbing video up above.