Pauly D's Hottest Jersey Shore Hookups

Raise your hand if you remember Deena biting his lip?

As seen throughout his time on Jersey Shore, Pauly D has rarely been a one-woman man (not counting his longtime bromance with "Victoria"), but that's not to say our beloved DJ with a blowout isn't major boyfriend goals. Note: He's not a member of the "I'm F*cked Foundation" (IFF for short).

Now that two dozen hopefuls are gearing up to vie for the affections of our favorite single guidos in Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny -- premiering on April 11 -- let us take a look back at the lucky ladies who briefly stole Pauly's heart (and sometimes a few other things) on the hit MTV series.


    Following a hot night out at Karma (during Season 1), the two retreated to the DJ's bedroom where "the party was in Pauly D's pants" -- and Jenni got better acquainted with her roommate's Prince Albert piercing.

  • Danielle

    While they did little more than make out on the boardwalk, Season 1 alum Danielle quickly earned Stage 5 Clinger status when she called Pauly on the duck phone 11 times in one night. Oh, she also tried to convince the DJ to come with her to Israel and gifted him with an "I Heart Jewish Girls" T-shirt... all after a single chance meeting.

  • Shantel

    Season 5's Shantel was not only DTF after meeting Pauly at (where else?) Karma, she was down to commit some robbery. Following a little smush room action, the forever gentleman called his one-night stand a cab -- only to find out later that she'd stolen his beloved diamond chain. Hey, at least she kindly returned it the next day.

  • Deena

    Deena found herself hardcore after Pauly's "Italian sausage" during a wild night out in Italy during Season 4. After a public makeout sesh with the meatball, Pauly hesitated to take it any further, seeing as he didn't want a crying Deener on his hands.

  • Mini Sammi Sweetheart

    In Miami during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Pauly brought home a Sammi Sweetheart lookalike (we're not talking that doll). "She literally looks like a mini Sammi with an edge 'cause she has tattoos and some piercings," he said. But before their hookup could get past make-out status, a peeved Ronnie called her a cab.

  • Rocio

    Perhaps one of the rarest (if not the only) lady to steal Pauly's heart on Jersey Shore, Cuban beauty Rocio was a mainstay in Miami during Season 2. Though they only dated for a short time, we'll always remember that final smooch -- with the two wearing matching yellow outfits, no less.

What was your fave Pauly hookup? Sound off below -- and watch him relive some of 'em in the video below. And don't miss the premiere of Double Shot on Thursday, April 11 at 8/7c!