'Jersey Shore' Poll: Why Did Pauly's Hookup Return His Chain?

After suffering a painful sunburn from overdoing it at the tanning salon during tonight's "Jersey Shore," Pauly D thought things were on the upswing. The cooling aloe had set in, his skin began to pick up traces of its old golden-brown hue and he was once again feeling fresh to death; the world Club Karma was his oyster. It was there that he met Shantel, an eager brunette who nearly blurted out the words "smush room" the second she laid eyes on him. But what attracted her to Pauly in the first place? Sure, he's got that handsome boyish thing down pat, but did her DTF-ness have more to do with a certain bit of bling hanging around his neck?

Shortly after smushing, Shantel spotted the DJ's diamond-encrusted chain on the hardwood floor, and when he stepped out of the room, his sticky-fingered houseguest hid it in her mysteriously durable underwears. Shantel was inevitably successful in her jewelry heist, so what ever prompted her to return his goods the next morning?

In our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," host Kenny Santucci asks the same question. Sammi says Shantel returned the chain because she knew she'd been caught on camera, but Mike thinks she only snatched it so she could have an excuse to come back to the house again (something DTFs rarely get to do).

+ We can't really pinpoint the girl's reasoning for getting all klepto, but what do you think? Below, check out the cast's theories, watch the scene unfold all over again and then vote in the poll why Shantel returned to the scene of the crime.

Why did Shantel return Pauly's chain?

  • Cuz she was caught on camera!
  • It was always her plan to come back!
  • No friggin' clue.

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