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Timothée Chalamet’s Return, Gucci Selfies, And More We Need To See At The 2019 Golden Globes

Tipsy stars! A 'Pose' sweep! Sandra Oh's mom! Lady Gaga's tears!

The Golden Globes are generally a good time for everyone involved. (Unless you were one of the five all-male nominees in the Best Director category last year.) Not as stuffy and coveted as the Oscars and Emmys, nor as predictable and safe as the Grammys, the Golden Globes have a reputation of being awards season's biggest party — and for good reason: It's the one night of the year where TV people (who are really just happy to be there) get to mix and mingle with A-list movie stars while waiting in line at the open bar.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is known for honoring newcomers — which I guess is pretty predictable of them — but it ultimately makes for a show where anything can happen. (Remember when Aaron Taylor-Johnson won the Golden Globe for his supporting performance in Nocturnal Animals? No one saw that one coming.) There's also not a lot of crossover between the HFPA, a group of international entertainment industry folks, and the Academy, so while taking home a freshly redesigned Golden Globe may give an Oscar hopeful momentum, it's certainly not indicative of a win.

Still, it's still an excuse for film and television's elite to dress up, take selfies, and present each other with shiny statuettes. This year, nominee Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg are at the helm of Hollywood's tipsiest award show, and they're planning a "crazy-pants" ceremony.

That being said, here are some of things we're looking forward to seeing at the 76th Annual Golden Globes this Sunday, January 6.

  1. The cast of Pose owning the red carpet
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    The category is... red carpet glamour! FX's groundbreaking drama Pose is nominated for Best Television Series in the drama category, while scene-stealer Billy Porter is up for Best Actor — so prepare for this mesmerizing cast to turn the red carpet into their own personal ballroom for the big event. Sparkle! Lace! Tulle! Beading! Diamonds! Nothing is out of the realm of possibility for stars MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, and Tony-winning Porter.

    But they better slay on the way to the podium to accept their Golden Globe. After all, the HFPA love to be first, and since Pose missed the eligibility deadline for the Emmys, it makes sense that these foreign critics would want to be the first to crown this Ryan Murphy gem victorious. And there isn't a more deserving show in the running.

  2. The return of Timothée Chalamet
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    Timothée Chalamet didn't walk away a winner on Oscar night last year, but that didn't matter; he had already won awards season, endearing himself to practically everyone — on Twitter and off. He became a heartthrob seemingly overnight, and now he's back on the awards season campaign trail for his devastating supporting performance in Beautiful Boy. The Supporting Actor category is perhaps the most stacked of the night, so the young actor's chances of walking away a winner are slim, but — again — the ceremony hasn't even started and it's safe to say that Timothée Chalamet has already won the night. He'll win in the eyes and hearts of the internet the moment he steps onto the carpet, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit, with his mom in tow.

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  3. Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg's opening monologue
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    After stealing the Emmys with their undeniable charisma, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg are taking the reins at this year's Globes. It's a fun pairing, if only because of the unpredictable nature of it. Samberg's previously hosted the Emmys, while Oh is the first Asian American to host a major award show — which is really more embarrassing for us as a society than it is remarkable. As for what to expect from their show? It's all a little unknown, which makes it all the more exciting. But there is one thing Oh said she has no interest in: Trump jokes. "What I'm interested in is pointing to actual real change," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I want to focus on that 'cause people can pooh-pooh Hollywood all they want — and there is a lot to pooh-pooh, sure — but we also make culture. How many gazillions of people have seen Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians? That changes things." So prepare for a celebratory kick-off to awards season.

  4. And the return of Mama Oh
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    Here's hoping Oh's parents once again grace us with their regal presence. Oh's mother wore a traditional Korean hanbok to the Emmys, where her daughter was nominated for her lead performance in Killing Eve — the first Asian woman to be nominated in the category. Will Oh's eomma show up to the Globes in another hanbok? Or does she have something else up her delicate sleeve? (TBH, this is all I really care about when it comes to the Globes.)

  5. Lady Gaga's acceptance speech(es)
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    Lady Gaga looks poised to win not one but two categories at this Sunday's ceremony. It's no secret that the chanteuse has been campaigning hard for that Oscar this awards season for her lead role in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born — and the HFPA love stars — so don't be surprised if Gaga walks away a winner for both Best Original Song (for "Shallow") and Best Actress in the drama category. After all, the Globes already awarded Mother Monster back in 2015 for her gory stint on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, so she's clearly a HFPA favorite. With the likelihood of her winning at an all-time high, we just have to be emotionally prepared to hear some variation of "there can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you but all it takes is one." Oh, and for the tears.

  6. Everything's Gucci for Elsie Fisher
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    If the Golden Globes does not give us a photo of Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher making her iconic "Gucci" symbol on the red carpet, then what are we even doing here? Bonus points if Fisher snags a selfie with her fellow nominees, and they're all doing it. Olivia Colman and Emily Blunt would be so down!

  7. Bill Hader's very awkward acceptance speech for Barry
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    Despite the HFPA's undying love for 12-time Globes nominee and five-time winner Michael Douglas, Bill Hader still has a good shot at taking home the trophy for his disturbing HBO "comedy" Barry. Sure, the show is great, but he should win because his acceptance speeches are always succinct and a tiny bit awkward — a perfect, meme-able mix. When he accepted the Emmy last year, he simply said "I did not think this was going to happen" and then thanked his cast. Simple! Sweet! A little sweaty! Other white men, please take notes.