Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4

Kim Kardashian Basically Filled A Whole Plane With Birthday Snacks For Kanye West

Definitely an upgrade from peanuts...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love each other very much, and Kanye, in particular, tends to go all out when it comes to celebrating his wife on anniversaries, holidays, and her birthday — so much so that the term "flower wall" may as well be a DONDA enterprise.

But now, Kim's giving him some competition on the affectionate gift-giving front: She shared a snapshot of a past trip she took Ye on for his birthday, and it involved hopping a flight on a plane that was COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY CHOCK FULL OF THEMATIC TREATS.

Instead of presenting her hubs with a lavish gift or an elaborate party, Kim went the creative route: She took him to Tokyo but kept it a surprise, so the snack spread and magazines she brought aboard for him were the only clues he had once they took off.

Based on his huge smile here, it's safe to assume that Kanye was thrilled about the birthday surprise and the trans-Pacific journey. Kanye's birthday isn't for another few months — he turns 41 on June 8 — so who knows? Maybe the next one will involve another set of clues and a great surprise... and maybe North, Saint, and baby Chi will come with!