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Avicii And Rita Ora's New Video Basically Revives The Mannequin Challenge

Time stands still in 'Lonely Together'

Nearly one year ago, the internet was overrun by the Rae Sremmurd-assisted viral Mannequin Challenge, which asked participants to freeze in place no matter what they were doing — running, kissing, dancing, you get the idea. Beyoncé, Adele, and the cast of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them famously took part in the stunt, skyrocketing its popularity around November 2016.

As time went on, the internet gradually moved on, but a new music video released Monday (September 18) will surely remind you of the Mannequin Challenge's heyday.

In "Lonely Together" — Avicii and Rita Ora's catchy collaboration off his AVĪCI (01) EP — bystanders stand frozen in time as a couple embarks on the best date ever.

They run through a carnival, cause chaos at bars, steal a ballerina's spotlight, and make out a bunch. Somehow, at the end of the clip, they still have enough energy to throw paint at each other and, uh, maybe do some other things. Who knew paint was such an aphrodisiac?