Under Attack: Who Got Shot On Teen Wolf?

And more importantly, will they survive?

With the way Gerard's been swiftly "arming his army," it was only a matter of time before one of our beloveds got struck on Teen Wolf. Cue all of the tears.

Tonight's episode tragically closed out with someone getting injured (or worse?!). The question of the year is, WHO WAS IT?

Seeing as Theo and Liam were headed back from playing decoy at the local zoo and Stiles was being all FBI on the East Coast, there are really only a few people it could have been.

While Scott's ol' man grabbed his own gun, aiming to fight back, Lydia took cover on the floor of the McCall house with Mason. Across the room, Chris Argent was embracing protecting Melissa -- and speaking of those two, they're the cutest. (Hey, remember this?)

Meanwhile, in other adorable-couple news, right after that amazing Scalia kiss (finally!), Scott was safeguarding Malia — or was it the other way around?

Luckily, Lydia's creepy premonitions came in handy when she was able to warn everyone to duck before a slew of bullets and arrows hit the fan. Otherwise, this could have been the end of Scott and his pack as we know it. *shudder*

Still, one of our Teen Wolf friends got hurt. Who could it be? And furthermore, who was doing the shooting? Sound off with your theories, and catch an all-new episode next Sunday at 8/7c.