The 5 Things We're Most Afraid Will Happen During The Final Season Of Teen Wolf

Seriously, we've got every reason to be scared

We admit it — we've never been more scared for our Teen Wolf friends. Not when Jackson-Kanima was wreaking havoc all over Beacon Hills. Not when the Darach held our favorite trio of parents hostage. Not even when the Nogitsune possessed Stiles.

And judging from the latest trailer for the final 10 episodes (watch it above), we have every right to be afraid -- after all, the last words we saw were, "Be afraid." That said, here's what we most fear will happen in the final season of Teen Wolf:

  • Scott losing his Alpha status

    Hey, it could happen. Derek traded his glowing red eyes for Beta blue when he used his Alpha powers to heal his ailing sister Cora during Season 3. Scott is such a selfless leader, we can absolutely see him going out on a limb (and forgoing his True Alpha status) to save a member of his pack.

  • Gerard pulling a Season 2 stunt

    We don't trust this old man in the least. One of our biggest fears? Gramps putting a knife in Scott's gut and threatening his family per Season 2…or something worse.

  • Stiles getting possessed…again

    Stiles is often caught in the supernatural crossfire (cue that whole Nogitsune debacle, not to mention the recent Ghost Rider situation), and we pray these last few episodes are different. We don't know if we could handle another "Operation: Save Stiles."

  • Beacon Hills turning on Scott and his pack

    This fear strikes us as very, very real — and nothing short of terrifying. In the trailer, Malia asks, "What's everyone afraid of?" "Us," replies Scott. As Gerard states, "The best way to build an army is through fear," which has us thinking the entirety of Beacon Hills will find out about Scott and his pack and go apesh*t… because werewolves have fangs, and they growl, and if you unknowingly came across one, you'd probably grab your silver bullets too.

  • Everyone we love dying

    Our biggest fear exists in those four words. Will anyone make it out alive?

What scares you when it comes to what may happen on Teen Wolf? Tell us your thoughts, and watch it all go down Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c.