The 6 Most Shocking Moments From The Teen Wolf Winter Finale

From that Chrelissa kiss to Malia's sudden wave of emotion for her dad, our jaws were practically on the floor

While Scott and his pack appeared to conquer Mr. Douglas and the Ghost Riders in a takedown of epic proportions, there were a few other noteworthy moments from Tuesday night's Teen Wolf winter finale that were a bit... surprising, to say the least. And we're not just referring to Scott and Co.'s plans post high school — though that certainly made The End a little bit too real, if you ask us.

Here are the six most shocking moments from the finale:

  1. Stiles takes down Mr. Douglas.

    Aaaand Stiles saves the day for the 247th time! When the hungry-for-brains Mr. Douglas was trolling Scott and Liam in the hospital — in the hopes of adding them to his supernatural army, no less — a newly escaped Stiles appeared out of nowhere and epically whacked the former TILF with a baseball bat: "Bad guy, right? I didn't misread that?" Ahhhhmazing.

  2. Malia finally connects with Peter Hale.

    In order to break through to those on the other side, you need to form an emotional connection akin to Lydia's love for Stiles. Malia had to truly dig deep to get the attention of her father, Peter Hale, who had been taken by the Ghost Riders for a second time. Witnessing the usually stoic werecoyote finally call Peter "Dad" was one of the most moving moments in recent Teen Wolf history.

  3. Melissa McCall kisses Chris Argent.

    Melinski, who? Just when you thought Melissa McCall and the Sheriff were 'bout to make adorable Melinski babies, think again. In a surprising maneuver, Scott's mom planted one on Chris Argent after he went head-to-head with a Ghost Rider. "That was so hot," she whispered. WHOA! Simmer down, Mama McCall. (We kid. You go, girl!)

  4. Corey serves as the link between the two worlds.

    So that's why Mr. Douglas was completely obsessed with the vanishing chimera. Corey has the rare ability to float in between reality and the Wild Hunt. When Mason's other half was taken, he was given the disturbing task of serving as the link to all of the train stations. Ugh, so heartbreaking to see him shackled like that.

  5. Scott's pack doubles in size.

    When Scott went up against Mr. Douglas, the "lone wolf" suddenly found himself not quite so, well, alone. In came two of the Alpha's former nemeses: Theo and Peter Hale. "No one likes a Nazi," Malia's pop hilariously stated. Talk about power in numbers — the group worked together to combat the evil German soldier and the dark cowboys before the latter transformed the bad teacher into one of their own.

  6. The ghost of Stiles' mom returns to haunt him.

    In a truly awful turn of events, the resurrected Mrs. Stilinski tried to play mind games with Stiles, saying he "wormed" his way back in to his father's heart. Per Lydia's intel, it was merely the Wild Hunt and not his actual mother, toying with Stiles' emotions, leaving the banshee and the Sheriff to tag team the old bag.

Which Teen Wolf winter finale moment shocked you the most? Give us your thoughts, and keep an eye on MTV News to find out when the second half of Season 6 will premiere!