Rick Ross Is Forced To Weigh In On That Infamous Meek Mill/Wale Feud

But will he Plead the Fifth on 'Wild 'N Out'?

Meek Mill and Wale have famously feuded -- and now, Rick Ross is being forced to weigh in on the duo.

In a sneak peek of this week's Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out, the rapper/entrepreneur is in the Plead the Fifth hot seat, and Chico Bean starts off by bringing up Ross' record company Maybach Music Group (MMG).

"MMG is more than a label -- it's like a family. You guys are like brothers, and as we all know, brothers fight sometimes," the comedian says in the clip above.

He then slyly segues into the subject of Meek and Wale -- aka two of the artists on Ross' label -- and their much-publicized dispute.

"In a brotherly fistfight, who are you taking? Meek Mill or Wale?" Chico asks.

Our beloved host can't get enough of the question ("Who you got?" Nick yells from his side of the stage) -- and neither can the audience (gasps and laughs galore). But does Rick offer up an answer to the difficult query? Or does he plead the fifth? Peep the clip to find out -- and don't miss the entire Wild 'N Out episode on Thursday at 11/10c!