Billie Eilish Just Gave Her Adorable Foster Pup A Forever Home

We're not crying, you are!

Billie Eilish has been doing her part to flatten the curve by staying home over the last several weeks. And if you're wondering how she's been spending the extra time, the Bad Guy actually fostered two pitbull puppies. But fast forward a few weeks and the pups have now found their forever homes. And one of them will be sticking with Eilish for good.

The "Everything I Wanted" singer announced the exciting news on her Instagram Stories, where she basically called herself what's known as a "foster fail," meaning that she just couldn't help but to adopt. Along with a photo of the adoption papers, the pop star wrote, "I failed at fostering teehee." She also included an adorable photo of her sweet new pup snoozing in her lap.

This post prompted many fans to wonder what happened to the other dog she was fostering. But don't worry, that pit has found her permanent home as well. "This little mama also got a different forever home!! & is going to live the happiest life," Eilish wrote on her Stories yesterday (April 13). "As for this little nameless monkey... you are miiiiiiiiiine!!!"

Eilish has been an advocate for fostering pets, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, she shared a photo of herself with the pitbulls, encouraging fans to take in fosters temporarily, if possible. "If you're looking for things to do while we're all stuck at home, foster some babiieesss," she wrote.

And Eilish isn't the only celeb who felt strongly about fostering during these uncertain times. A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez introduced the world to her new pup, Daisy, via Instagram Live, whom she also fostered prior to adopting. "I know a few friends who are fostering right now just to give animals a safe place," she said during the livestream. "But I couldn't help it. I have to keep her."

While fostering and adopting pets is encouraged for those who are in a position to do so, it's important to remember that many people aren't able to open their homes to pets at this time, and that's OK. There are several other ways to support animals in need, and checking with your local shelter or rescue is a great place to start.

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