9 Times Chris Evans Touched His Perfect Pecs While Laughing

It's really his most adorable habit

Chris Evans -- human Dorito, patriotic shield-holder, and owner of one killer beard -- has a habit. No, it's not singing all the songs from his favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, in the shower.

The Captain America: Civil War star loves to laugh -- but every single time he does, he touches his right pec.

Don't believe us? Imgur user coolmcdude assembled quite a bit of proof. The post already has 309,000 views, and frankly, it's adorable.

See 11 GIFs of Chris Evans performing his cutest habit below.

  1. He does it on talk shows.

  2. He does it during junkets.

  3. Thank you, Anthony Mackie, for delivering the hilarity in front of Evans.

  4. He does it even while acting. He's so method.

  5. #Bliss

  6. He didn't touch his pec this time, but ... there's pizza!

  7. It's almost too much.

  8. Red's a good color on him.

  9. Not shown: A talk show host swooning to the right.

  10. Bonus: Chris laughing while touching someone else's pec

    This habit runs deep, y'all. Just ask Aaron Taylor-Johnson.