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Can You Guess Chris Evans's Favorite Disney Princess?

Of course Captain America has a favorite

No one is immune to Disney princess fever, not even Captain America. During a Tumblr Q&A over at BuzzFeed, the man behind the Vibranium steel shield, Chris Evans, revealed that he, too, has a favorite Disney princess.

Honestly, I'm not surprised. Evans is part of the Disney family now, which probably means that upon signing his nine-picture Marvel contract, he was taken into a dark room on the Disney lot, somewhere between Dopey Drive and Mickey Avenue, and forced to watch the entire Disney Animation Studios catalogue from start to finish. Either that, or he has nieces. (On second thought, it's probably the latter.)

That being said, Evans has spoken, and his favorite Disney princes is...


...Are you getting hype?

You really should...



This beautiful bookworm from Disney's Beauty and the Beast never judged anything by its cover, which is a good thing for Evans because there's obviously a lot more to him than that beautiful, scruffy face.

But wait! That's not all. (As if Captain America could only have one favorite.) Evans also revealed his other favorite Disney princess, and this pick has us singing to the high heavens. Why? Because everyone knows Meg is the best.

Hercules's Megara is unique among Disney heroines because she's actively opposed to the idea of falling in love thanks to a bad relationship that literally cost Meg her soul. (Again, maybe Evans can relate?)

Kudos to you, Evans, for having amazing taste in Disney princesses ???.