'13 Reasons Why' Almost Got The 'American Horror Story' Treatment

We almost lost Clay, Hannah, and the rest of the squad

While fans anxiously await the just-announced second season of 13 Reasons Why, showrunner Brian Yorkey recently confessed that it could have looked insanely different from the first one.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Yorkey explained there were two paths the show could've taken: a traditional style that followed the characters from season to season, or an anthology style that would give us completely new characters every season. The former is what we're getting, but that the latter was an actual possibility — a format that's worked for shows like American Horror Story and Fargo — is interesting.

"Every year you start with a new 13 reasons," Yorkey said of a hypothetical anthology format, meaning we'd be completely done with Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), and the rest of the Liberty High kids, by the end of Season 1.

Yorkey reasoned that this style could've unlocked "all sorts of issues," but ultimately he realized he wasn't done exploring the lives of these troubled teens. Can you imagine if the show actually followed this format? We'd never know what became of Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) after he (SPOILER) shot himself or why Tyler Down (Devin Druid) needed that gun. Thankfully, we'll be seeing more of the squad in the near future.