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13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford Learned How To Play Piano Thanks To Lady Gaga

Also: She’s got jokes, and they’re about leaked nudes 😳

Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why made her first big late-night talk show appearance on The Tonight Show on May 12. And though she was there to discuss the hugely successful first season of her Netflix series, she wound up gushing about Lady Gaga for most of her chat with Jimmy Fallon β€” and she revealed that Mother Monster taught her a thing or two without even meaning to do so.

Langford stans for Gaga, hard, and was completely beside herself when the pop star took notice of her adoration for her following an interview that took place back in April. Fallon asked Langford about her love for Gaga's music, and she beamed and opened up about why she's such an inspiration.

A Gaga concert made for an "epiphany" of an experience for Langford when she caught her on tour in Australia back in high school, and one song in particular, "Princess Die," left a lasting impression on the actress.

"I just remember being so enamored by her, and that particular song, that I went home, and ... I taught myself how to play it," she recalls. "I went on YouTube and I watched a tutorial, because I had never played piano or anything before."

She literally loved Gaga so much she taught herself how to play an instrument in order to love her music even more. That's dedication, and Fallon's floored reaction is completely justified. Langford went on to talk about how weird it is that her idol knows who she is, and how a tweet from Gaga threw her into a frenzy β€” but it wasn't just because she was excited.

"I don't have Twitter, right, so the way I found out, I was shooting a film, nighttime, didn't have my phone, I came back to my trailer, and I kid you not, there were, like, five messages, three missed calls, my publicist was like, 'KATHERINE, you need to go into Twitter right now' β€” I was like, 'Fuck, my nudes have leaked!'"


I mean, understandable? (For the record, Langford's nudes did not leak, and the buzz was, in fact, Gaga-related.) Talk about a mic drop, though.