21 Fresh-Out-The-Box Surprises We Want At The 'All That' Reunion

Stop, Look And Watch!

If you didn't already know, some of the original "All That" cast members will reunite this October at New York Comic-Con. We've had so many Nickelodeon reunions lately, such as Kenan & Kel on "The Tonight Show" and the "Zoey 101" time capsule reveal, our nostalgic feels are through the roof.

Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg are slated to attend the hour-long panel at NYCC. So, while we're trying to remain calm and not freak out that our childhood is alive and well again, we thought of some must-sees from the cast at the reunion.

  1. When Kel first walks onstage, he needs to shout this at the top of his lungs.
  2. And naturally, Josh comes out in full Earboy attire, because duh.
  3. But then he ditches the ears and recreates this dope hat spin, making all the girls in the audience go wild.
  4. Lori Beth runs out carrying the Big Ear of Corn.
  5. Then, she shares vital information about how to survive all these Nick reunions without exploding from happiness.

    She did provide us with viral information for your celebrity life, but we need more!

  6. Danny emerges with his own vital information for your everyday life.

    It'll probably have something to do with how to cope when you and your brother have the same name.

  7. Everyone in the audience gets to try a Good Shake.*

    *Ed getting into the machine like he did in "Good Burger" is optional.

  8. And everyone takes home a vintage Nickelodeon Magazine, featuring "All That."
  9. Lori Beth yells at everyone to be quiet, then plays a pair of cymbals.
  10. Pizza Face makes an appearance, because of course he does.
  11. Oh, and let's bring out a killer '90s band from the "All That Music and More Festival," such as 98 Degrees.
  12. Okrah takes time to listen to our problems.
  13. And Miss Fingerly is there to hand out some ~solid~ advice.
  14. Which then causes Flem to go beserk.

    But don't worry, Peter will try and calm him down.

  15. Two of the Spice Boys, Hairy Spice and Mumbly Spice, perform a duet for the audience.
  16. Later, someone commits a heinous crime.
  17. Which prompts Detective Dan to show up and inadvertently contaminate the crime scene.
  18. And Repairman-Man-Man drops down from the ceiling to "fix" it.
  19. Jack Campbell, Fat Cop then comes to arrest both of them, removing them from the stage.
  20. Upset that now 1/2 the guest stars are gone, the audience will turn to the complaint department.
  21. But then a big "All That" cake like this one magically comes out from behind the curtain, and everyone's happy again.

Woo! Let's do this.