Nathan Sykes Wrote A ‘Really Emotional’ Breakup Song About Ariana Grande

But promises he doesn't hold a grudge.

Nathan Sykes is ready to make the leap from boy band member to solo artist.

With The Wanted on hiatus, the youngest member is gearing up for his debut album with his first single, "Kiss Me Quick," set to be released soon.

Since the band decided to take a break, Nathan has been hard at work in the studio with Babyface and Diane Warren, crafting a "soulful pop" album that not only promises to be catchy, but also quite personal.

"I think it's very easy to draw from personal experiences," Sykes told MTV News. "I'm not very good at talking -- I just waffle on -- so when I write lyrics I very much say what I'm actually feeling. I wrote about a couple of various relationships, a couple of near-relationships, a couple of people that just needed writing about."

One of those people was Ariana Grande, whom Nathan dated in 2013 after collaborating on the track "Almost Is Never Enough."

But if you're expecting him to say anything bad about the "One Last Time" singer, who recently split with Big Sean after eight months of dating, think again.

"It's not really that heartbreaking -- it's very emotional. It's just a very nice breakup song," he revealed. "I'm one of those really annoying people who never holds grudges [against] anyone, because what's the point? There's no point. It's really boring and it takes up so much energy -- just draining. So it's an nice breakup song, but really emotional."

But the record isn't all about heartbreak; there's actually a "nice love ballad" on the album called "Over and Over Again," which he recently performed in Europe during several small venue shows.

"I sat there and said, 'I need to write a nice love ballad,' because all these songs are [about] breakups and near-relationships, like no one loves me," he said. "So I flew out to LA and I was like, 'Yes, I wrote a nice love song,' and it's really sweet. It made me feel a bit nauseous reading the lyrics, I was in a sappy mood."