'Most Dope' Bonus Scene: Lil Wayne Is MIA, But Mac Miller Says The Show Must Go On

When Weezy still hasn't arrived for a concert in Dublin, Mac manages to keep his cool.

Lil Wayne and Mac Miller hit the road this past spring for their European tour, but the trip didn't come without a few bumps along the way.

In this bonus scene from last night's "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" episode, Mac and his friends wait around for Wayne to arrive in Ireland and speculate whether he'll ever show.

"He's supposed to land at 7," Mac says. When Quentin asks him how he knows this insider info, the "Most Dope" star says the "secret rap society" told him. Illuminati?

The boys, however, can't calm their nerves and remain concerned that their headliner won't make it to the tour on time. But Mac stresses that there's no need to worry and plays it cool.

"If Wayne doesn't show...it's not like that changes my plan at all," he says. "I still plan on being the biggest artist of all time." Watch your back, Wayne. Mac's coming for your spot!

Check out the full clip, and watch a second bonus scene, below, to see that it's not always all work and no play in Mac Miller's world.

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