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  2. Saturday, August 02
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  3. Sunday, August 03
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Key Man

Mac gets the first ever key to his hometown Pittsburgh, but will his nerves over returning to his old high ruin the moment?

Pittsburgh Record Love

Mac brings his special brand of hometown love to his favorite record store.

Has Anyone Seen Weezy?

Mac, Quentin, and Jimmy speculate about Lil Wayne's arrival plans.

Most Dope Travel Tips!

Mac Miller shares his stories and travel tips for Dublin.

Watch The Sneak Peek

Mac Miller searches for his "mc-roots" in Dublin.


  1. Mac gets the first ever key to his hometown Pittsburgh, but will his nerves over...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Can Mac cure his friends of their social media addiction with a cell-phone free camping...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Mac opens for Lil Wayne and finds his Irish roots, but will his Dublin hijinks jeopardize the biggest show of his career?...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Big Dave is Mac's trusted body guard, and often the only voice of reason, get to know him and the other members of the Most Dope Family.

  2. Check out some of the most dope music videos, interviews and more of Mac Miller.

  3. Mac Miller's "Good Ass Night" might note be quite what you'd expect from the Most Dope rapper.

About Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family

  1. 'Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family' follows Mac as he takes on his new superstar status and trades in his hometown Pittsburgh digs for the sun-and-celeb-filled world of Los Angeles. This season, Mac finds himself busting beyond LA, traveling the globe with his five closest friends as he embarks on an insane, worldwide tour spanning from Dublin to Paris and beyond.

    Together, business mastermind Quentin, the artistically gifted Jimmy, fashion entrepreneur Peanut and NFL-player-turned-bodyguard Big Dave are Mac's "Most Dope Family." Making it on your own is dope, but bringing your fam along with you is most dope.

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