Kesha Opens Up About Going Into Rehab For An Eating Disorder

She's coming back stronger.

Kesha is finally ready to talk about it.

The singer opened up to Teen Vogue about her decision to cancel her spring tour and check into a Chicago-area rehab facility for an eating disorder last January.

"My whole message is to love who you are and accept all your beautiful imperfections," she told the magazine. "When I felt I was slipping into unloving territory with myself, I knew I had to listen to my own advice and correct it." Kesha also cited working in an industry with intense paparazzi and body image scrutiny as factors in her disorder.

She describes going through a breakdown, but then having a breakthrough that ultimately saved her life when she entered rehab. During those two months she not only battled her disorder, but she also made strides musically, writing 14 new songs during the period of recovery.

She says the process made her stronger, allowing her to "take my life by the horns and make a record that I'm going to be proud of and not care what anybody else thinks!"

In March Kesha was already beginning to feel better, thanking her fans for their encouragement and working on new music.

While continuing work on her own music, Kesha currently joins Ludacris and Brad Paisley as judges on the live singing competition “Rising Star.”