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Kesha's Joining ABC's 'Rising Star'? BRB, Dying Young

She'll sit with Ludacris and Brad Paisley on the experts' panel.

Oh, look at that -- I guess we can have nice things. Earlier this morning, Entertainment Weekly reported that Kesha would join the panel of experts on ABC' upcoming music-competition show, "Rising Star," a fact that the "Timber" singer has since confirmed on Twitter.

Ludacris and Brad Paisley will sit alongside the artist formerly known as K-Dolla on the panel, and Josh Groban has been confirmed as host. (You hear that? That's your mom's friend Shelley losing her sh-t.) The group is expected to make an appearance together during Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, which Luda is hosting.

ICYMI, "Rising Star" is ABC's upcoming live music-competition series premiering on June 22 where singers perform in front of a ginormous ("3 stories tall. 90 feet wide.") screen that displays a photo of every viewer who has voted for them in real time. If the contestant garners enough votes from the TV audience, the wall will be raised, and they will advance to the next round. Think "The Voice" or "American Idol" in real-time, with a little bit of "Tear down this wall!" intensity thrown in for good measure.

With the focus of these kinds of shows shifting away from the contestants and over to the celebrity judges and coaches, I really hope this means that we'll get to see Kesha take the stage a few times. Maybe she'll even bless us with some new music? I'll settle for a cameo from Mr. Peep$, but that's my final offer.