'Saturday Night Live'

'Saturday Night Live' Reveals Audio From Jay Z And Solange Elevator Fight

After a tumultuous week of elevator video footage, mysterious Instagram activity and a silence-breaking public statement, you'd think the Beyonce/Jay Z/Solange outburst would finally be put to rest.

But before we "move forward as a family," "SNL" decided to uncover what Jay and Solange really were fighting about. Solange (Sasheer Zamata) and her brother-in-law Jay (Jay Pharoah) appear to make a joint statement, with a jumpy bodyguard (Kenan Thompson) standing nearby in case there are any sudden movements. Solange is all smiles, repeatedly expressing her love for Jay, citing the photo evidence at the Nets game the day after the leak. Then we are treated to the footage, with audio.

It turns out, Jay just had a spider on him. Solange is being a helpful family member by doing her best to get the spider off, slapping and kicking her way to protect him from his arachnaphobia. Check it out: