Actually, Solange Didn’t Delete Beyonce From Her Instagram

Pretty hurts, but lying about the Knowles sisters kills.

That elevator video of Solange, Jay Z, and Beyoncé — maybe you’ve seen it? Well, allow me to put on my sensible myth-buster’s pantsuit, because there are some beyond questionable non-truths circling around this story that need debunking.

Maybe you’ve seen a headline like “Solange Purged Beyoncé From Her Instagram” or “This Appears to Be the Only Photo of Beyoncé Left on Solange’s Instagram” tweeted and retweeted throughout your social-media circles?

Well, I traced the story back to its origin: SheKnows, which reported on Monday that the “Losing You” songstress had been “deleting all traces of her sister” in response to the fallout. Their proof? The following photo, purportedly the only one of Beyoncé that remains.

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