'Teen Mom OG' Coupling: Should Matt Fast-Track His Plans To Move In With Cheyenne?

Ryder’s mama and her Baltimore beau have very different relationship timelines

Cheyenne’s long-distance boyfriend Matt has met her family, hung out with her daughter and gotten the seal of approval from baby daddy Cory on Teen Mom OG. So what’s the next step? Chey meeting Matt’s family and then the two moving in together...well, hopefully.

On this week’s episode, Chey told her family that she and her “new bae” were getting pretty serious. Not only was she heading to Baltimore to meet Matt’s family and friends (and bringing Ryder, her sister, her nephew, and her MTV camera crew), but she revealed they had already discussed the possibility of getting engaged and having a baby together.

“He has my Pinterest board for the ring that I want and the wedding that I want,” she said. “He asked me to send it to him!”

Once the Los Angeles group arrived in Maryland, Matt’s family welcomed them with open arms—his mama even told Chey, “I think you are a good fit for him.” But things got a bit awkward when Matt revealed at a group dinner that he was planning to relocate to LA in the near future to be closer to Cheyenne but wanted to sign a lease with a roommate for two years before moving in with his girlfriend.

Later, when the couple talked about it one-on-one, Chey said she supported her man’s decision but that “two years is a long time.”

“We’re good -- we’re moving at a reasonable pace, right?” Matt questioned. “No? Too slow for you?”

Chey didn’t give him an answer but made it clear that she was prepared to move forward when he was ready.

“It’s just interesting to see the difference in what I want,” she said. “I’m just ready whenever it comes up.”

Will Matt relocate to The City of Angels ASAP and move in with Chey sooner than he planned -- or better yet, should he? Or is it best for him to take his time and co-habitate with Cheyenne when he's truly ready? Share your thoughts, then stay tuned to new episodes of Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.

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