Harry Styles Finally Responds To The Rumors That ‘Perfect’ Is About Taylor Swift

And his reaction is adorable.

Ever since we heard One Direction's "Perfect" there has been one question on everyone's mind: Is it about Taylor Swift?

Sure the lyrics seem to be a response to some of her songs, which were reportedly about her ex, Harry Styles -- and the "Perfect" video looks as if it took a page out of her "Style" video -- but this was all just speculation on our part.

So when Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall sat down with James Corden for their Apple Music Event in London, the "Late Late Late Show" host decided to find out the answer, once and for all... In the most "perfect" way.

"I'm reading the lyrics [to ‘Perfect'] and I happen upon a line and in the song it says, ‘And if you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I'm perfect,'" Corden shared. "Now listen, I don't want to have any bad blood about this. If you don't want to talk about this, we can shake it off...who's the song about?"


Harry didn't answer the question, instead he let out a big adorable laugh, while the audience cheered and laughed along.

The One Direction star didn't get off that easy when he sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" who also asked if the pop star was the inspiration behind the second single off their recently released album, Made In The A.M. -- a song that Styles co-wrote.

"Obviously, you write a lot of stuff from personal experience, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so literal," he said. "People can interpret a lot of different things in different ways. And I'm not going to tell someone it's not about what they think it's about, because I think the whole point is - it's about whatever it means to you."

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