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Is One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ Video A Nod To Taylor Swift’s ‘Style?’

If you watch this mash-up, it is.

We are well aware that One Direction's "Perfect" sounds a bit similar to Taylor Swift's "Style" thanks to this ridiculously amazing mash-up from a Directioner.

We also studied the lyrics and found some pretty obvious responses from the guys to Taylor's biggest hits. But now, the similarities have reached new heights with the release of the "Perfect" music video.

Shortly after canceling their first concert in five years, 1D -- Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis -- dropped the clip for "Perfect," which took them to NYC as they caused trouble in hotel rooms, performed on a rooftop and may or may not have made some more references to Hazza's ex-GF, Taylor. Gasp!

One Direction | "perfect"

One fan was quick to point out the stylistic similarities between Taylor's "Style" video and 1D's, creating this mash-up, which may give those Haylor lovers all the feels.

But there may be a few more nods to Taylor than just that. Take a look at these other references.

Welcome To New York

One Direction | "Perfect"

This may be the most obvious nod to Taylor in the video -- filming in her favorite city, which she just so happens to have a song about: "Welcome To New York."

It's All In The Eyes

One Direction | "Perfect"

Throughout the "Style" video, there are many close-ups of Taylor's eyes, and in the "Perfect" video we get to stare longingly into what we believe are Harry's.

Up In The Clouds

During the bridge of the track where Harry sings, "If you're looking for someone to write your break-up songs about," the video takes on an almost dreamlike setting, which makes it seem like we just stepped out of the "Style" video and into "Perfect."

Polaroid Pics

One Direction | "Perfect"

In the beginning of the video Liam holds up a Polaroid pic, which Taylor used throughout the entire promotion of her 1989 album.

Starbucks Lovers?

One Direction | "Perfect"

Niall is holding a Starbucks cup, so that could only mean he was making a reference to Taylor's line "got a long list of ex-lovers," which is often misinterpreted as "Starbucks lovers" -- or Niall could just be needing a caffeine kick during the long shoot.