Did Harry Styles Audition For The Part Of Young Han Solo?

The face says it all, really

It looks like Harry Styles's foray into film involves more than a World War II epic: Styles just dropped a major hint that he auditioned for a huge Star Wars part, and though he didn't get it, that, in and of itself, is a big ol' deal that'll have Directioners and fans of a galaxy far, far away freaking out about the mere possibility of him signing on for the Han Solo origin story.

On The Graham Norton Show on April 21, Norton threw out a bunch of ridiculous headlines and rumors about Styles that've been published over the years to try and see if Styles's facial expressions were enough of a reaction to confirm or deny said rumors. Some of them were totally absurd — no, Liam Payne and Styles did not catch chlamydia from a koala bear, for example — but Styles paused for a suspicious amount of time when the topic of the forthcoming Han Solo Star Wars flick came up.

Yeeeeah, we're gonna go ahead and call that one of the least convincing head shakes to occur in the history of television.

It's definitely within the realm of possibility that Styles would be considered for the part, which wound up going to Alden Ehrenreich: The cast is straight-up star-studded and features Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, and Woody Harrelson already.

Styles would've fit right in on the strength of his star power alone, but sadly it looks like Dunkirk is the only guarantee we have for a Styles-starring role in the near future.

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