'All That'’s Lisa Foiles And Alisa Reyes Share The Darker Side To Being Slimed

Slime isn’t always your friend

If you say you're not upset about never being one of the lucky cast-member kids on All That from 1994 to 2005, you're lying to yourself. But there was more to all that slime than you'd originally thought. Recently, one of the show's OG actors, Alisa Reyes, stopped by fellow former All That player Lisa Foiles's YouTube channel to swap All That memories and travel down memory lane.

Besides describing the extra lengthy audition process, what the coffee from Foiles's “Sugar & Coffee” skit really was, and how the late Chris Farley was a total sweetheart as a guest star, the duo shared some total slime horror stories.

“I had blonde hair one time, and they slimed me, and it dyed my hair green,” Foiles confessed. Reyes remembered spending hours trying to un-greenify herself, too, after being tied to a geyser that exploded slime all over her and other cast members. Check out the nostalgic video above to learn the ins and outs of being an All That kid.