Carly Rae Jepsen Can Only Say 'OMG' On Lovesick New Gryffin Song

A partner's touch sends CRJ to float in the clouds

Carly Rae Jepsen is goofily grinning, blushing, and possibly stumbling as she sings the sickeningly sweet "OMG," a new single she's featured on by DJ and producer Gryffin. She comes to the realization that, hey, true love exists! It happens when her partner's fingers brush against her skin, raising those barely visible hairs to full attention. Over the course of the song, she grows deeper and deeper in love as she closes her eyes and smiles while exploring the heights of her happiness. She's head-over-heels in love, and it has to feel good.

"OMG" is cheery and bright, softly swimming in your ears like a day at the beach. It's all clear skies and warm temperatures where CRJ is, and the sheer joy in her voice should let it be known. She starts off the song with the kind of declaration of love that would make haters roll their eyes and stick their tongue out: "I'm technical, but I lose sensibility / When you're next to me / I feel a boom, feel the bang inside my soul, love." Cue the innocent canoodling.

Her chorus of "Like, oh my god, ooh, I think I might love you / 'Cause I only liked a lot of things before I knew / The way I love it when you touch me now" is finds her sashaying into the sunset with her partner.

Jepsen released her fourth studio album Dedicated in May. On the day of its release, she shared the ridiculously wild video for "Too Much," featuring her smashing cake with a number of clones.

Watch the awesome and sunny lyric video for "OMG" up above.

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