CupcakKe Encourages You To Eat Your Veggies In 'Old Town Hoe' Video

The way she uses corn on the cob will make your grandmother say, 'Oh my!'

CupcakKe has released the video for her own unique spin on Lil Nas X's viral hit, "Old Town Road." The yeehawt-and-heavy visual for "Old Town Hoe" features enough corn on the cob and phallic lollipops to make your grandmother put her hands to her wide-open mouth and say, "Oh my!" before excusing herself from the room. But as usual, there's a heartwarming element to the rapper's raunchiness that wins you over. She's having good fun.

CupcakKe's private puns and X-rated plays on words are always chuckle-worthy, but here, she's really in her bag. She flips Billy Ray Cyrus's remix refrains, "Take my horse to the old town road" and "I got the horses in the back," in explicit ways that'll make you cackle at the wittiness.

The video is equally over-the-top, with CupcakKe and her amorous crew wearing leather jackets and bandana-patterned shirts along with the Lil Nas X signature hats, that he's (jokingly) being forced to wear. They eat corn on the cob and lollipops. It's a weird combination for their teeth, but that's a story for another day.

CupcakKe has been adventurous with her artistry this year. In March, she was a hardcore rapper sending threats on "Bird Box." In February, she cosplayed as a tired mermaid in the video for "Squidward's Nose." Watch the video for the country-inspired "Old Town Hoe" up above.

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