50 Cent Just Partnered With Marvel - Here's How

SMS Audio also announced its partnership with Reebok.

When 50 Cent was asked to describe SMS Audio recently, the G-Unit general offered some interesting insight.

“It’s cool, because I’m cool, so that makes the whole thing cool,” he said in an interview with Fortune.

After solidifying partnerships with Walt Disney and Star Wars in the past, SMS is now confirming its new partnerships with Reebok and Marvel.

“Those brands don’t go anywhere,” 50, SMS Audio’s CEO and founder, said. “They’re not going away.”

Thanks to this partnership, it seems like we might have some Spider-Man, Daredevil and X-Men headphones soon. But what will these Marvel headphones look like?

“It won’t look toy-like,” Brian Nohe, SMS’ president, explained. “All that stuff we do, it’s classy. Like on 'The Avengers' headphones, it won’t be a picture of Thor running around. It will be a little symbol, and have the same colorways.”

50 understands that SMS may not be as popular in the States as its main competitor Beats By Dre. While he praised the company for its work, he also criticized Beats' quality and said he has other plans for SMS.

“Beats is Nike, and we’re Adidas,” he said. “It’s more international.”

We wonder if the Marvel connection will allow 50 to act in future Marvel films. We already know he wants to. "[I want to be] a Marvel superhero," he told MTV News last year. "But I want to be a bad guy...I want to be a bad-bad guy, the kind that you start to like."

Looks like that might be even more possible now.

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