50 Cent Expected To Exec Produce Lil Scrappy Album

Collaboration comes as part of deal between G-Unit and Lil Jon's BME clique.

According to Lil Jon's camp, the deal is just about done to bring 50 Cent onboard as one of the executive producers on Lil Scrappy's new LP, Bred to Die/ Born to Live, due in early 2006.

The collaboration is part of a bigger alliance between the G-Unit and Jon's BME clique -- a partnership that has also seen Jon submitting beats for 50's artists over the past few months.

"Yeah, we been talking about collaborating a little bit because 50 and Scrappy are real cool," Jon said recently. "We been talking about how we can make Scrappy a bigger artist than he is. Sometimes when you get together with people and work things out, you can make a smaller situation massive. It's all like one big family. They showing us a lot of love."

"We're adding Scrappy's project from BME," 50 said last week while discussing his upcoming projects. "It will be a collaboration between me, Lil Jon and Scrappy. We will be working together shortly."

"It's definitely going down," Scrappy beamed. "We already spoke it up all the way. It happened. I just look at the bigger picture. We're gonna do everything all over again. You saw how 50 came out; we're gonna do it all over again. You saw how I came out; we're gonna do it all over again. I ain't coming down, I'm about to re-up all my energy all over again."

Scrap described his first official LP as "half party, half sorrow."

"You gonna have times when I go back to coming up as a child, through being a teenager till now," he elaborated. "All the problems and the good times all in one [album]. It's crunk, but it's all got real lyrics on there. No false statements on there."

He's been working with Mase, G-Unit, Stat Quo and Three 6 Mafia on the project, but Scrap said the LP is still in production and that some of those songs may not make the cut.

"You gotta go straight forward, get all your ideas right," he said of the process. "There's a lot of stuff that comes with putting out an album of you own. Jon can't help me through the whole thing, people like 50 can't help me through the whole thing. It's like putting together a movie, a book on wax damn near. It's gotta be right."