AJ Mitchell Wants 'Slow Dance' To Soundtrack Every Prom

Let MTV's PUSH November artist explain why

The world melts away when you're in your lover's arms. When you're locked in an embrace. When your lips are magnetized to each other's and your foreheads connect at the seams.

"Slow Dance," AJ Mitchell's recent collaboration with Ava Max, is made for this tender feeling and sounds like the score to a rom-com's happy ending. But as Mitchell — the MTV PUSH artist for the month of November — told us in a recent conversation, it's also perfect for something else: to soundtrack those lovey-dovey moments on the dance floor at prom. That's exactly what was on Mitchell's mind when he initially got a taste of it.

"When I first heard it, I was like 'That song's so catchy,'" he said. "I can hear that playing at every prom, every dance."

Over the last three years, Mitchell has come up from YouTube covers and Instagram videos, making songs by Julia Michaels and Jon Bellion his own with a smooth croon. He dropped his first EP, Hopeful, in 2018 and recently followed up with the Slow Dance EP in August. To fully feel its title track, you'll have to get into a serious disagreement with your partner, realize hours later – presumably during the middle of the night – that you were wrong and they were right, then race across town, in a blinding downpour, to proclaim your love to them at the top of your lungs. And then maybe end up dancing together at prom.

Mitchell knows a thing or two about proms. He also revealed that he went to not just his own (his friends had no idea that he was coming, so it was an epic surprise), but another one as well, in Denver. "I was on tour at the time, and my manager's little sister — I surprised her and went with her," he said.

Check out Mitchell's smooth, prom-ready performance of "Slow Dance" below and see the rest of his exclusive PUSH content right here.

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