Halsey: Hey BuzzFeed, ‘Sorry I’m Not Gay Enough For You’

The ‘Closer’ singer isn’t down with this ‘tiresome analysis’ of her year in the spotlight

If you had your sexual orientation and the way you present it dissected under a headline that calls you a loser in loaded terms, you likely wouldn't be feeling so great. Halsey not only read the feature BuzzFeed wrote about her on this very subject, but responded.

And she is pissed.

On September 16, BuzzFeed published a feature entitled "Why Queer Female Pop Stars Can't Win," which takes a look at how Halsey "performs her sexuality" in the broader, complicated context of pop music's embrace (or lack thereof) of out queer female talent. Using Halsey — who identifies as bisexual — as an example of this, the article asserts that she's backing off of visibly representing her queerness in her art, noting that the same-sex romance in one of her two music videos for "Ghost" hasn't been reprised in her later work, and that she's been spending the last year "collaborating with hyper-exposed men."

From there, her friends and collaborators (Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, Ruby Rose, etc.) and their genders are name-checked and referenced, as are her television performances (including her 2016 MTV VMA performance with The Chainsmokers) and her lyrics ("Halsey tends to use male pronouns or no pronouns at all, which doesn’t explicitly mean she’s hiding anything. But there’s a chance she might feel internal or external pressure to keep her songs appealing to a broad base").

These are all presented to make the case that her priorities — which used to include "battling heteronormativity" — have changed, and that her success dictates how she expresses her sexuality due to industry pressure. The more popular she becomes, the straighter she presents, or so BuzzFeed says — and she has a big problem with that. She has since

" target="_blank">deleted

" target="_blank">her tweets, but she went all-in before doing so: "tiresome analysis of my 1 year in the public eye and the ignorance of 8+ years of sexual discovery to determine if I'm truly queer. [And it] is part of a mentality so engrained in the erasure of bisexual 'credibility' even within the lgbt community."

Halsey went on to voice her disappointment in BuzzFeed because they've been an "ally" to the LGBTQ community, and that it's upsetting "even in its laughable self-awareness of its own stereo-typing."

BuzzFeed has yet to address Halsey's comments. Same goes for Shannon Keating, the author of the piece.

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