Chris Hemsworth Surprises A 'Kinky' Secretary On Administrative Professionals Day

You know you'd act the same way

One secretary is thanking the new Ghostbusters movie for one totally unforgettable day.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays a secretary in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters revival, decided to spread a little empathy for National Administrative Professionals Day (April 26). So Ellen DeGeneres invited Australia's leading babe sandwich on her show to surprise some administrative employees on the Warner Bros. lot.

After sneaking into an office on the lot and making Chris crawl military-style through some cubicles, they reach one lucky superfan, a woman whose face says it all when she sees Ellen and Chris in her work area:

The Ellen Show / YouTube


"We knew that you like Chris because I snoop around at night," Ellen says as the camera pans to multiple photos of the godliest Hemsworth hung in this woman's cubicle. "He's going to actually take care of you today since you're so used to taking care of other people."

After he massages her for multiple moments of bliss, Ellen asks the secretary if she has any requests. The lady immediately asks if "we can get naked," though it's unclear if Ellen is invited to this nude fest, or if she just wanted a little alone time with Chris. Kinky. 😘

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