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Watch 'Frozen's' Olaf Sing 'In Summer' In Six Different Languages (Exclusive)

And Josh Gad weighs in on those 'Frozen 2' rumors.

It's impossible to imagine the worldwide success of "Frozen" without Olaf, the naïve snowman who is positive that summer absolutely kicks ass. His charm and desire to see the warmer months is something that's cute no matter where you are on the globe, and I'd like to submit the following video as evidence.

The exclusive clip above is a portion of a longer video that will hit Disney Movies Anywhere, the studio's online streaming service, tomorrow (12/5). In the full version, you'll be able to hear Olaf sing his ode to summer in 17 different languages.

As a part of the video release, I spoke with the voice of Olaf, Josh Gad, about "In Summer," and he shared the story behind its creation.

Gad had been attached to the movie since its early days, when it was a 2D animated movie called "Anna and the Snow Queen." This was even before Robert Lopez, who Gad worked with on "The Book of Mormon," and Kristen Anderson-Lopez signed on to write the songs for the film.

That version of the movie eventually went away, and the project was put on hold for some time. After the release of "The Book of Mormon," Disney revived it as the 3D movie we know today and hired Lopez and Anderson-Lopez.

Because of Gad's history with the music team, they were able to tailor fit "In Summer" to the singer. "By the time I first heard that song, it was absolutely, 100 percent Gad-ified, as you called it," Gad said. "Bobby and Kristen wrote exactly for my range, for what they knew comedically would be my sweet spot. The second I got in there and recorded it, I felt like a kid in a candy store."

As for when we might see Olaf again in another feature, Gad was less forthcoming than Idina Menzel, but he thinks it's something that will happen eventually. "I don't have a comment [on 'Frozen 2'], but what I will say is that the idea of this story continuing and the desire to see what else these characters have in store is something I think is constantly discussed in the ranks," he said. "I think that when the creative team has an idea that's worthy of following up 'Frozen,' I think that's when they will. It may be a long time from now. It may be in a couple years. I actually really don't know."