One Direction’s New Single Is ‘Perfect,’ But When Will We Hear It?

Could be today. Could also be not today.

One Direction's next single will be called "Perfect," one-half of the band confirmed on Twitter Friday (Oct. 9). Everybody, start celebrating! ?????

Liam shouted out the news early Friday morning, and Harry followed shortly after.

And then Niall got all the glory by sharing the artwork later in the afternoon:

"Perfect" will be the second official single from the band's forthcoming fifth album, Made In The A.M., which drops on November 13 -- yes, the same day as Justin Bieber's Purpose. We got our first taste of the album back in July with "Drag Me Down," and a pre-order-exclusive song called "Infinity" has also been floating around for a few weeks.

Directioners are understandably freaking out, especially since there's no word on when we can actually hear "Perfect."

Could we even hear #Perfect today? Some fans certainly think so.

And with heavy-hitting song titles like "Drag Me Down," "Infinity" and "Perfect," it sounds like Made In The A.M. is gonna be positively epic -- especially since it's their last album before a much-needed hiatus.