Watch Jessie J’s Spunky Cover Of ‘Grease Is The Word’

The pop star will perform the song on Fox's upcoming TV musical 'Grease: Live!'

Move over, Pink Ladies: there’s a new diva at Rydell High, and she goes by Jessie. Jessie Freakin’ J.

The pop star took a break from recording her fourth studio album to contribute a cover version of “Grease is The Word” for FOX’s upcoming live musical. Like Franki Valli’s original version -- which opened the 1978 film -- Jessie J’s tune is the perfect spunky intro to the slick world of Rydell.

“I’m definitely keeping it as close to the melody as possible,” Jessie said in a previously-released teaser vid, adding, “I’ve definitely thrown in what I kind of like to do and just put a little bit of me into it.”

Jessie will be on hand to perform the song when “Grease: Live!” premieres on Sunday, Jan. 31. Until then, check out the vid of her recording the song below, which also features rehearsal footage of the cast, including Carly Rae Jepsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer and Julianne Hough.

Jessie J isn’t the only musical guest on the “Grease: Live!” roster -- the show has also booked Boyz II Men to perform the classic “Beauty School Dropout Scene” and Joe Jonas’ band DNCE to take the stage at Rydell High’s school dance.

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