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Love Hurts: The Most Heartbreaking Moments From 'Catfish'

Not to bum you out before Valentine's Day or anything.

What is love? Love is a many-splendored -- oh, who are we kidding? Love hurts.

Just take it from Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. For the past three seasons of "Catfish," the two have ventured all over the country, shedding light on internet dating frauds and bringing justice to those who've been hurt. And, along the way, they've met some unforgettable folk.

Remember Justin?

How about Mhissy?

Now, with Season 4 on the horizon, Nev and Max are looking back at the show's most memorable -- and painful -- reveals. See them in the video below, then tell us what your favorite "Catfish" memory has been so far. And be sure to watch the show's new season, premiering Wednesday, February 25 at 10/9c!