Cassandra Clare Wants 'Shadowhunters' Fans To Stop Freaking Out Over #HotHodge

#HotHodge is here to stay and we're okay with it.

When ABC Family announced that Jon Cor had joined the unrelentingly attractive cast of "Shadowhunters," the Internet lost its chill and #HotHodge was born.

For many fans of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" book series, Cor's casting seemed like an odd choice because he's considerably younger -- and so much hotter -- than the man they envisioned in the role. However, according to Clare, Cor is actually much closer in age to book Hodge than we thought. When a fan asked Clare how old the Institute teacher is in the books, she replied, "36." What. What?

@vivoperbower: how old is Hodge in the books?” 36

— Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare) May 28, 2015

If you're feeling a bit thrown off, you're not alone. As it turns out, the source of our confusion stems from actor Jared Harris. The 53-year-old actor portrayed Hodge in the 2013 flick "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," and since its release, he's become the Hodge archetype for fans.

In short, everything we thought we knew is now a lie. Though Hodge's real age has never been stated in the books, astute readers probably figured out his age given his relation to Valentine and Jocelyn. After all, they all went to school together.

"The showrunner wanted to go with a younger Hodge than in the film. But this is because in the film they aged Hodge up about twenty years from his actual character age," Clare explained on her blog.

"Luke’s age is stated in 'City of Ashes.' He’s thirty-eight. He's two years older than Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on 'Vampire Diaries,'" she added. "He is not old. These people -- Luke, Valentine, Jocelyn, Hodge -- are the same age. They went to school together. They were in the same class. In 'City of Bones,' Hodge shows Clary a picture of him at school with her mother and Luke. He is not twenty years older than they are. He could not possibly be. He is actually a year younger than them."

Innnteresting. Hot Hodge is starting to make a lot more sense. Plus, with a little bit of TV magic, the Powers That Be can transform Cor into the tweed-wearing, rules-loving guy we know and love.

"I don't believe movies ruin books, but I do believe that when people watch them they fixate on the visual of the actor in the film, and therefore people think Hodge is older than his is," Clare concluded. Well, that certainly would make sense.

Now that #HotHodge has been given a seal of approval from the bosslady herself, we think it's time for everyone to chill and just appreciate the gorgeousness of this cast.

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Brother @MatthewDaddario and sister @EmeraudeToubia prepare to get after some demons @ShadowhuntersTV

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We're not worthy.