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'Shadowhunters' Cast, Ranked By Hotness

This might be the hardest thing we've ever attempted.

We know we have an endearing affinity for hyperbole, but "Shadowhunters" has the hottest cast on TV, full stop -- and it hasn't even premiered yet.

ABC Family has assembled the most photogenic bunch of humans for its anticipated new series, which is set to debut in 2016. "Shadowhunters," based on Cassandra Clare's bestselling Shadowhunter Chronicles, follows Clary Fray, a teenage girl who must adapt to her magical new destiny after she finds out that she comes from a long line of human-angel hybrid demon hunters, otherwise known as -- you guessed it -- Shadowhunters.

So, who's the hottest of the bunch?


Psych! Try as we might, it's just impossible to rank this cast of extremely good-looking mundanes, so you might as well just stare at their beautiful faces. Okay? Okay. (Different YA reference -- just roll with it.)

  • First, we have Dominic Sherwood.

    Seeing how Dom is the male lead of an ABC Family series, of course he's a total heartthrob. Bonus points for the British accent.

  • Just LOOK at Katherine McNamara.

    Babe status.

  • Alberto Rosende is so attractive, it hurts.

    Just because he's a nerd, doesn't mean he can't flex.

  • OMG Emeraude Tobia is complete perfection.

    Slay, Izzy, slay.

  • Matthew Daddario is bae.
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    Well, he is playing an ANGEL-human hybrid, so it makes sense he looks like a literal deity.

  • We literally can't even deal with Harry Shum Jr.

    Has any role ever been so exceptionally cast?

  • Isaiah Mustafa has us like whoa.
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  • Alan Van Sprang can totally get it, too.

    Nope. No dadbod in this cast.

  • Maxim Roy brings the fire.

    It's not entirely surprising that Clary's mom would be a hottie. Werk, Jocelyn, werk.