'Challenge' Roadblock: Can Jenna Stay In The Game -- Despite Zach's Distractions?

A transglobal argument with her boyfriend is giving her second thoughts

A lover's quarrel crossed country lines on the latest Total Madness episode when Jenna — who's been dating fellow Challenge competitor Zach on and off for years — wound up in a video-chat back and forth with her beau over old DMs. And while Jenna insisted she planned to stay in the game, part of her felt obligated to head home and patch up the couple's fissures.

So to put it simply: Can she summon the strength to stay, or will she go?

As stir craziness continued to consume the cast's underground quarters, Jenna wondered why Zach seemed to be dodging her calls. Finally, thanks to a bit of intel from her friend Nicole, Jenna got some answers: Zach was furious after looking through Jenna's messages and finding conversations she'd had with other guys.

Jenna, though, insisted she'd done nothing wrong. Because she and Zach had broken up and reconciled a few times since making their relationship official, they'd seen other people during lulls, and Jenna said the messages Zach had seen had been sent and received during a breakup.

"What I did when I was single is my business," Jenna insisted.

Finally, when she made contact with Zach, one thing was apparent: He was pissed. He said Jenna had lied about who she was "as a person" and proceeded to accuse her of cheating a handful of times. Finally, he refused to tell Jenna he loved her because "that's how bad it is."

All this, Jenna's close pals Nany and Aneesa said, was simply additional evidence of Zach's compulsion to control Jenna. Even Jordan called Zach's demand for Jenna to come home "completely unfair."

"Saying their relationship is slightly tumultuous would be an understatement," Aneesa said. "Zach's treated her like sh*t for the last two years. I want Jenna to stay."

"That's really f*cked up of him," Nany added. "Zach of all people knows what it's like to be in this game, so to call her and stress her out more just shows how selfish he really is."

Jenna continued to wrestle with the possibility of going home, and players like Tori and Dee began to consider the idea that — even if Jenna stayed — she'd be an easy defeat in Purgatory and a simple means to a Red Skull.

But after thinking things over, and after a veiled warning from TJ, Jenna decided to stay and compete. Further, thanks to stellar performances by Nany and Jordan in "Fast and Furious," which challenged players to assemble a puzzle in pairs with pieces they'd collected from the side of a huge, moving truck, Jenna even found herself in the Tribunal as the winners' pick for third member.

Still, a good chunk of the cast wondered if Jenna would use her power in the game to throw herself into Purgatory and genuinely fight for a Red Skull or simply use her position in the Tribunal as a means to quietly eliminate herself from the game.


"If Jenna goes into elimination and gets a Red Skull, in her mind, she's meant to be here," Nany said. "If not, I guess she'll just go home and deal with her bullsh*t life with Zach."

What do you think: Can Jenna keep her head in the game, and if she does decide to volunteer for a spot in Purgatory, will she give it all she's got? Or has her argument with Zach shaken her too intensely, and is it only a matter of time before she heads home? Share your thoughts, and be sure to check out the next Challenge episode Wednesday at 8/7c!

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