• Aneesa FerreiraVeteran
    Aneesa Ferreira

    A "Challenge" legend and elimination queen, Aneesa returns after a three-season hiatus hoping to finally reach the winner's circle on her lucky number 13th attempt. With more experience than all but a handful of Veterans, Aneesa is not messing around when it comes to the game and is more focused than ever on coming out on top. With new twists, new blood and a level of intensity "The Challenge" has never seen, will she be able to keep up or find herself struggling for survival?

  • Ashley MitchellVeteran
    Ashley Mitchell

    2 Wins (Invasion, Final Reckoning) – As the all-time top money winner on "The Challenge," Ashley is back to add to her massive haul. That goal might be easier said than done, as her reputation for shady gameplay -- including depriving half a million dollars of her partner -- has been especially hard to shake. Nevertheless, she enters the season on the heels of an impressive Finals run in which she politicked her way just short of another win. With plenty of enemies and few friends around, Ashley may wish to keep her usual drama to a minimum this season. The only question is: Can she?

  • Cory WhartonVeteran
    Cory Wharton

    A formidable, savvy athlete, Cory has shown much of what it takes to be a "Challenge" champ, but his rambunctiousness and temper have gotten the best of him time and time again. Now, as a proud father, with another one on the way, Cory hopes his added maturity will help keep his wild ways in check and lead to his first-ever "Challenge" championship. This would definitely be a perfect time for it, too, as a million dollars sure buys a lot of diapers. Fortunately, Cory will be joined in the game by his ride-or-die, Nelson, but he may be another loose cannon to keep in check if he hopes to politic his way to victory.

  • Chris "CT" TamburelloVeteran
    Chris "CT" Tamburello

    5 Wins (Rivals II, Invasion, Champs vs. Stars 2017, Champs vs Stars 2018, War of the Worlds 2) – Never doubt CT -- the hard lesson learned by Team USA on "War of the Worlds 2" as they turned their backs on the legendary Veteran only for him to lead the underdog Team U.K. to Finals glory. Now, the reigning champion and all-time great is back, hoping his usual recipe of intimidation and playing the middle politically is enough to help him defend his crown. Of course, with an epic new game twist, this seasoned Vet may find himself scrambling to come up with an entirely different strategy if he wants to make back-to-back Finals. As daunting as that goal seems, you'd have to be crazy to count him out.

  • Jenna ComponoVeteran
    Jenna Compono

    The once-legendary "Barbie Beast" who has struggled to make much of a mark on Challenges of late, Jenna is back, looking to return to past prominence. With plenty of competitive drive and athletic talent, this elimination badass can never be counted out as a serious Finals threat. One twist for Jenna: She'll be entering the game without her boyfriend Zach for the first time in several seasons -- which could rob her of a key ally but also minimize potential drama. Even with several close allies alongside her, Jenna may need to dig down and get in touch with her ruthless side if she hopes to finally take home a win.

  • Jennifer WestVeteran
    Jennifer West

    The last Rookie standing on "War of the Worlds 2," Jenny impressed her fellow Challengers from the moment she stepped onto the playing field with her intimidating strength and athleticism. Ultimately, she was sent home in a shocking Hall Brawl upset and now returns to the game hungry for redemption and to reach her first Final. Of course, she'd be wise to watch her back, as plenty of competitors would love to take out such a massive threat, which won't be easy, as Jenny does not plan to go home without a fight.

  • Johnny "Bananas" DevenanzioVeteran
    Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio

    7 Wins (The Island, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Free Agents, Rivals III, Champs vs. Stars 2017) – Returning for his 20th season, Bananas is hungrier than ever to prove he's still got it after a six-season Finals drought. Known for being one of the game's most ruthless and renowned players, Bananas's recent stumbles can largely be attributed to a single source: Wes. "Archrivals" doesn't even begin to describe this pair's antagonistic relationship, but one has to wonder whether or not focusing so much energy on one individual has hampered Bananas's once-legendary gameplay. With a massive new game twist in the mix, will their blood feud have to take a back seat, or will the two continue to go at it -- even if it destroys them both?

  • Jordan WiseleyVeteran
    Jordan Wiseley

    3 Wins (Battle of the Exes II, Dirty XXX, War of the Worlds 2) – Jordan might have had the best "War of the Worlds 2" experience of anyone, as he walked away with not only a Finals victory, but a fiancée, as well, proposing to his girlfriend Tori after an impressive elimination win. Now, the two enter the game as an ultimate power couple looking to win some big money to help jump-start their life together. While Jordan's elimination and Finals records speak for themselves, he sometimes struggles with living conditions and may need to tone down his blunt personality before rubbing anyone the wrong way. As one of the most fearless competitors out there, Jordan has a great shot at cementing his place among the all-time "Challenge" greats.

  • Josh MartinezVeteran
    Josh Martinez

    Few competitors have been as great a magnet for drama over the past two "Challenge" seasons as Josh. An eager politician who wears his emotions (and he has a lot of them) on his sleeve, Josh has pulled off major game moves, taken part in massive blowups and shed more than his share of tears. The one thing he hasn't done is win an elimination, meaning this season's new twist may prove to be Josh's ultimate test. Of course, with a million dollars on the line, don't expect Josh to go down without a fight. He stands as great a chance as anyone to reach his first Final. Just be prepared for plenty of fireworks along the way -- and more tears.

  • Kailah CasillasVeteran
    Kailah Casillas

    On her previous seasons, drama magnet Kailah has found herself in the center of controversies involving bed-wetting, suitcase-throwing and even a full-on brawl that saw her sent home on night one. Nevertheless, Kailah remains one of the game's most fearless competitors and a constant threat in both challenges and eliminations. With close friends Jenna and Nany at her side, Kailah is sure to have an advantage politically, and with a happy long-term relationship at home, she'll be able to avoid the romantic turmoil that has distracted her in previous seasons. As a result, Kailah has a great shot to return to the Finals and lock down her first win.

  • Kyle ChristieVeteran
    Kyle Christie

    In four seasons, Kyle has made a name for himself as a fun-loving partier who can turn it on when it counts -- whether in challenges, eliminations or even Finals. Unfortunately, his political game has proven to be a weak spot, as the shifty Brit has struggled to play floater and often found himself on the wrong side of powerful alliances. If he hopes to return to his first Final since his Rookie season, Kyle will need to step up his gameplay, tamp down the drama and perhaps rely on some strategic friendships. Nevertheless, with more heart than almost anyone in the game, he stands a great chance of making it to the end.

  • Mattie Lynn BreauxVeteran
    Mattie Lynn Breaux

    Mattie is back and looking to wipe away the memory of her embarrassing tap-out during the all-time grueling Final on "War of the Worlds." She'll hope to use her charming personality and intimidating strength to navigate toward her first-ever "Challenge" win. A laid-back Southerner, Mattie has nevertheless proven she is willing to stand up to anyone she feels did her wrong and will enter this game with that same fearlessness. Ultimately, Mattie will have to push herself harder than the last time if she hopes to end up winning.

  • Melissa ReevesVeteran
    Melissa Reeves

    The last time we saw Melissa, she lasted all of one night in the Challenge House on "Final Reckoning" before a heated physical altercation with Kailah got both combatants the boot. This fight was hardly out of character for Melissa, who has shown herself to be utterly unafraid when it comes to confrontation and willing to get in just about anyone's face at the drop of a hat. Still, when the unpredictable Brit can channel her energy toward the game, she stands as an imposing competitor and a definite threat to make her first-ever Final.

  • Nany GonzalezVeteran
    Nany Gonzalez

    The queen of devastatingly close calls, Nany has made it to the cusp of back-to-back Finals only to be knocked out late in the game both times. A heartfelt player who tends to value friendships over strategic alliances, Nany may need to up her politicking if she hopes to win her first "Challenge" in 10 tries. Fortunately, she'll have plenty of Veteran allies in the game who could help put her over the top. Unfortunately, the game's epic new twist means she will have to find a way to face her fears and head down to the elimination floor if she hopes to reach the Final. One thing's for certain: Nany had better enter this season ready to fight.

  • Nelson ThomasVeteran
    Nelson Thomas

    Veteran powerhouse Nelson returns to the game hungry as ever for his first-ever Finals win after multiple close calls and disappointing exits. As an elimination beast, Nelson is perfectly suited for the game's latest twist and is utterly fearless when it comes to stepping down onto the elimination floor. Of course, he may find himself there quite often if he doesn't learn to keep his notorious ability to stick his foot in his mouth in check, which has been his downfall on more than one occasion. Hopefully, his best friend Cory can help keep Nelson under control. If he can rein in his hotheadedness, Nelson has a great shot at claiming his long-awaited "Challenge" crown.

  • Rogan O’ConnorVeteran
    Rogan O’Connor

    1 Win (War of the Worlds 2) – The sole actual Brit on the triumphant Team U.K. on "War of the Worlds 2," Rogan is back looking to build on a stellar season in which he went from "Challenge" punchline (due to his poor Rookie showing on "Vendettas") to Finals Champion. Despite his big win, Rogan's "Challenge" résumé still has one major omission: He has yet to taste an elimination. Lucky (or unlucky) for him, he'll have to go to the elimination floor if he hopes to qualify for this season's Final. With numerous enemies around and a very uncertain relationship with spurned ex-lover Dee, Rogan will have plenty of obstacles to overcome if he hopes to lock down back-to-back titles.

  • Stephen BearVeteran
    Stephen Bear

    Bear is back and ready to amuse, charm and annoy his way to what he hopes will be his first-ever Finals appearance. During his solid but ultimately disappointing showings on "War of the Worlds" and "War of the Worlds 2," this boisterous Brit has shown a knack for inviting chaos into the "Challenge" world but still being able to back it up in the elimination arena. He's also proven himself quite the ladies' man and, rumor has it, enters the game with his sights set on a particular female Veteran. Will the persistent charmer get what he wants, or will his romantic pursuits get in the way of his game and lead to yet another unhappy exit?

  • Tori DealVeteran
    Tori Deal

    One of the most fearsome all-around "Challenge" competitors, Tori made it all the way to the Finals of "War of the Worlds 2" only to walk away empty-handed after losing in a puzzle purge. Fortunately for Tori, those empty hands had a shiny new ring, as she surprisingly got engaged to Jordan. Now, she's back and hungry for her first "Challenge" victory -- hopefully one she can enjoy beside her soon-to-be husband. While entering the game as a power couple has its advantages, Tori will have to make sure Jordan's hostile tendencies don't reflect onto her. If she can stay focused on her own game, Tori has a fantastic chance to take home the W.

  • Tula “Big T” FazakerleyVeteran
    Tula “Big T” Fazakerley

    On "War of the Worlds 2," this "Shipwrecked" alum entered the game with high hopes only to fall victim to Rookie targeting and get sent home in the first female elimination. Despite her early exit, the Londoner proved she had an incredible amount of heart. Now, Big T is back, hoping her experience can help take her deeper into the game and maybe even to her first Final. If she wants to get there, she'll have to make a few more friends and learn how to politic. Still, with her fearless attitude, Big T is sure to become a true force.

  • Wes BergmannVeteran
    Wes Bergmann

    2 Wins (The Duel, Rivals II) – The true master manipulator of "The Challenge," Wes has earned a reputation for singlehandedly dominating the politics on nearly every season he's played. Of course, his devious ways have earned him plenty of enemies, as well, first and foremost Johnny Bananas. The pair's epic rivalry has seen each of them reshape their game to gain the advantage only to see the other snatch it right back. Of course, this laser-focused feud has, at times, impeded their overall success, as Wes learned the hard way, falling victim to a blindside on "War of the Worlds 2." With redemption at stake, will Wes be able to strategize a plan that can send him back to the winner's circle?

  • Asaf GorenRookie
    Asaf Goren

    "Big Brother (Israel)," "So You Think You Can Dance" – An Israeli judo champion turned dancer who has competed on "So You Think You Can Dance" and recently won "Big Brother VIP (Israel)," Asaf possesses both the physical abilities to dominate the "Challenge" battlefield as well as the strategic savvy to excel on the political side of the game. As a lifelong underdog with a hypercompetitive attitude, don't be surprised to see Asaf go all out in his pursuit of victory. Of course, with moves like his, Asaf's best strategy might be to work his charms on a well-connected female Veteran. If he plays his cards right, his charm could be his ticket to the top.

  • Bayleigh DaytonRookie
    Bayleigh Dayton

    "Big Brother" – A self-described "mean queen," with an athletic background, this "Big Brother" alum is fully confident when it comes to competing and looks forward to mixing it up with "Challenge" Vets. She won't be alone in her endeavor, as she enters the game alongside her new fiancé Swaggy C, who she met in the "Big Brother" house. Together, the two hope to stand out as a power couple but as Rookies will have to be wary of the toll the game can have on a relationship. With a wedding to pay for, Bayleigh better hope they can get it together and make it to the end.

  • Christopher Jordan "Swaggy C" WilliamsRookie
    Christopher Jordan "Swaggy C" Williams

    "Big Brother" – Swaggy C is definitely not afraid to make enemies, which he proved by becoming a lightning rod for conflict on "Big Brother." Fortunately for Swaggy, he enters the Challenge Bunker alongside his fiancée Bayleigh, who can hopefully help keep his intensity in check as they look to stay under the radar and politic their way to a Final. With several "Big Brother" allies in the game, Swaggy finds himself with a great shot at taking home the money he needs for a dream wedding.

  • Faysal Shawn "Fessy" ShafaatRookie
    Faysal Shawn "Fessy" Shafaat

    "Big Brother," "American Ninja Warrior" – With experience on both "Big Brother" and "American Ninja Warrior," Fessy enters his Rookie season possessing both the mental and physical game to make him an instant Finals threat. The former Division I football player views "The Challenge" as his redemption after not getting drafted into the NFL and will do anything he can to take home the prize money for his family. With all that motivation, this intimidating brute looks to be a serious contender for Rookie of the Year and possibly a "Challenge" champion.

  • Jay StarrettRookie
    Jay Starrett

    "Survivor" – This "Survivor" and "Ex On The Beach" alum enters the game as a Rookie, but don't be surprised to find Jay looking to establish some powerful alliances. As a keen outdoorsman with experience surfing, hiking and rock climbing, Jay will be no pushover when it comes to challenges or eliminations. Another asset will surely be his charm, so don't be surprised to see Jay cozying up to any of the game's female power players. Of course, as a Rookie, he'd be wise to learn the lay of the land politically before making any big moves. If he can keep himself out of trouble, Jay has a great shot at making it far.

  • Jennifer LeeRookie
    Jennifer Lee

    "Amazing Race" – This model and "Amazing Race" alum enters the game as a total wild card with zero "Challenge" experience under her belt and zero history with any of her fellow competitors. Despite her inexperience, don't be surprised to see this Rookie making major waves in the Bunker, as she has never been one to back down from a fight. In particular, she manages to get under the skin of a proven "Challenge" champion. Look for this fearless fighter to do anything it takes to win the money.

  • Kaycee ClarkRookie
    Kaycee Clark

    "Big Brother" – As the winner of "Big Brother 20," Kaycee enters her Rookie "Challenge" season looking to add another W to her collection. Having proven her political mastery in the art of keeping vague, she is undoubtedly a threat to go far in this game. Even beyond politics, this professional tackle football player is sure to be an intimidating force, as even hardened Veterans are likely to think twice before lining up against her in an elimination. Kaycee is an absolute threat to come out on top.